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Thomas Hewitt Jones "Baby in an Ox's Stall": Too good to be too late.

Thomas Hewitt Jones returns to our blog once more, this time with a slightly past-the-hour, but a masterfully complete, holiday-themed neoclassical arrangement titled "Baby in an Ox's Stall".

Written for an orchestra and complete with opera-esque vocals, the piece - almost undoubtedly - must have been written for either a film production or a theatre play. It's swinging, imaginative rhythm painting a rich picture, while each of the melodic lines intertwine in the most mesmerizing of ways. With both female and male vocals, as well as an entire orchestra at hand, the composer has captured the beauty and humble grandeur of the moment serenaded in a way that will steal your heart, whether or not you subscribe to any of the churches.

Never let's us down, Mr. Hewitt Jones, he never does. Enjoy this wonderful exhibit of musical prowess at the link below:


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