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Thomas Eder "How Great Thou Art": A masterful guitar arrangement.

Thomas Eder is a guitarist from Austria who won our hearts with his recently released, masterfully played and very melodic tune "How Great Thou Art".

It is not often that we feature music played on electric guitar and certainly even less so if there as much as a bit of distortion on it. However, listening to "How Great Thou Art" convinced us out of the above guidelines quite quickly - despite the guitar being electric and with a notable amount of distortion to it, the delivery of the tune is no short of elegant, tranquil and soothing in general. The guitarist quite literally sings the melody with the electric guitar, while an acoustic guitar lays an undemanding, delightful accompaniment. Complete with plenty of beautiful detail and a dynamic that is as rich, as it is consistent, this tune is bound to win the hearts of a common listener, as well as a music snob.

Pure, masterful, warm - let it in:


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