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Thiago Kückelhaus "Signs": Top-shelf guitar music.

Classy has reached whole new levels in a recent release by Thiago Kückelhaus, who has won our hearts with his masterful solo guitar endeavor entitled "Signs".

Expensive and unapologetic from the first note, the music steals all of your attention at an instant and carries you through a course of pure mastery and emotion, delivered by one man armed with a nothing but a guitar. Written around a jazz core, the piece makes great use of standard scales and chord progressions of the genre, beautifying the experience with countless unique elements, which always arrive right on time. This highly complex piece is played so effortlessly, one might think it was improvised, in which case we would be listening to a work of the kind of master that only arrives once in a century.

As long as you have a pulse, you will enjoy this:


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