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The Virtual Conductor ''Valse Endormie'' - a classical charmer

The Virtual Conductor is a UK-based artist who has recently released a charming piano piece entitled ''Valse Endormie'' serenading the best of the classical sound.

Lovably swinging on a three-count as demanded by the title, the chords are soon colored by the most delicate of melodic efforts. Beautifully naive and charming as the love itself, the notes ring a bit of Mozart with it's simplicity and thereby with brilliance too. Recorded and produced without too much modern pimp, the music sounds alive and crisp, only relying on the natural suspense pedal, slightly audible with it's mechanics too. Last not least, there's an intricate element of backing strings appearing throughout the song, distant enough to maybe not be heard on the first play-through, but odds are good you will listen to this more than once.

Enjoy this classical charmer at the link below:


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