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The Virtual Conductor ''Tenderness'' - a piano piece that gives back more than it takes

The Virtual Conductor is a peculiar project from UK, intended at - as the name suggests - conducting neoclassical music in a non-physical dimension. Once before featured on our blog, the project now returns with a charming piano piece entitled ''Tenderness''.

Cinematic at its core, the music instantly brought about images of romanticized France, the kind we know from the film. Rightfully so, we later found out that the piece is inspired by the very French ''Gymnopédie'' from mr. Satie. Elegant and dreamy, the composition draws the listener into its picturesque paradigm with rich harmonies and a lovable delivery. Familiar, but not in any way boring, the piece does sound like an instant piano classic. It is only fair that modern day pianists still get inspired by the works of the grand originators of the classical genre - even more so if you're going to be as brilliant as The Virtual Conductor.

A composition that took from a rich source, but then also gave more back - at the link below:


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