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The Stolen Orchestra "Honeycomb": A sonic spectacle of light.

Coming out of Australia we couldn't help but to have some expectations before we hit the play button. There seems to be something about distant countries that checks out like a tourist at the end of his stay in a hotel - be it Australian, Japanese, Finnish or Icelandic, the music from the far-out countries carries in itself an element of beauty that is hard to find anywhere else. The Stolen Orchestra is no exception to that rule having recently released a mesmerizer of an ambient tune entitled "Honeycomb".

Ideal for meditation, sleep or relaxation the creators of this track make the best out of angelic synth, drones and piano, combining the two into an immersive, divine experience that will soothe any bad energies in your perimeter. Delicate and as light as a raindrop, the music nourishes whatever it hits and turns it into a spectacle of light, one untamed bar at a time.

Humbling, pure and damn well produced, bravo to the creators.


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