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The Ideal Setback ''Nodus Tollens'': heavenly neoclassical haze

The Ideal Setback is an American neoclassical/ambient artist who's immersive, moving composition entitled "Nodus Tollens" we are listening to today.

Introducing itself softly, almost shy, on a glowing piano-chord progression written in five-fours, the piece soon invites a swinging array of string-drones, which together lead us to the oncoming main melodic theme. Once there, the piano follows the already familiar chord progression, only does it on the left of the keyboard and complete with the most lovable melodic element - one that contemplates, anticipates and cherishes. Consumed by it's own dreamy haze, the piece continues to wander in it's melancholic domain towards a smooth, blissful ending.

Enjoy this moving, almost heavenly beauty at the link below:


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