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The Fire & The Fog "What We Destroy (Cinematic)": to feel something again

American artist, The Fire & The Fog, presents a full experience in “What We Destroy (Cinematic)".

This song glimmers and twinkles in its ringing notes in a musical embodiment of what a brilliant light show would sound like. As the strings enter the piece, they are passionate, strong, and fully present, as atmospheric tones lift the sound further and compliment the musical sound space in an awe-inducing way. These tones become alive with an audible pulse that excites the piece and gives it a different groove from its previous, calmer nature. Immediately providing the track with an emotional element, the song is moving as it picks up in rhythm just to drop you off from the height of its cliffs. In utter awe of this musical arrangement, its compelling emotional aspect will give you chills while the piece whispers its gentle end, very reminiscent of its beginning.

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