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The Finley Ghost "Hanging Valleys": an elegant ambient banger

Coming out of USA, The Finley Ghost is another highly capable ambient/neoclassical artist who's track "Hanging Valleys" we are listening to today.

Beautifully entitled, the track holds a big promise from the first few seconds, its piano melody elegant as it is relaxing, along with a detail-oriented production/recording treating the ear with distant ASMR-sounds. Soon enough, the composition expands with madly soothing synth drones, literally causing you to breath deeper. Crisp and fully in tact with modern day, the artist manages to intersect his influences where few have ventured, all the while paying every respect to the classical school of thought, along with the undeniable understanding of universal beauty represented in each bar of this ambient banger.

A must have on your daily chill playlist, whoever you may be, here's "Hanging Valleys":


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