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Sync Zephyr "Dust": The gold medalist of dynamic progression.

Sync Zephyr, who has once before been featured on our blog, is returning with another crisp piece of neoclassical music entitled "Dust".

Eclectic from the get go, the track promises an original and memorable experience, all the while its tranquil element signifies itself with every next bar. The composer introduces the melodic layers so swiftly, the track evolves almost unnotably into a crisp, edgy yet very soothing orchestra of synth, keys, percussion, strings and ambiance. Blunt and tranquil in equal portion the music continues to hypnotize the listener for its three-and-a-half minute runtime before descending back into original form, leaving the listener a bit mesmerized and above the ground.

Masterfully arranged, certainly one of the smoothest progressions in my recent memory, and generally a solid piece of neoclassical. Here's "Dust":


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