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Sydney Carter arr. Hewitt Jones ''When I Needed a Neighbour'' - a top-shelf acapella arrangement

UK has always been a major supplier of great music of all genres with no exception to neoclassical. Sydney Carter collaborated with our very favorite Thomas Hewitt Jones to create a mesmerizing, masterful acapella choir piece entitled ''When I Need A Neighbor''.

Arranged with the deepest understanding for harmonies and voice distribution, the music enchants the listener, dynamic, complete and perfect. Acapella is a tough one to really pull off with one common rookie mistake being a lack of breaks, as if to compensate for the lack of instrumental background. However, Sydney Carter and THJ are far from being rookies and throw in a few silent pauses which break up the song, then pick it up again in full force.

Acapella from the very top-shelf and somehow free for your listening pleasure at the link below:


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