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SVVN "Remnants of Land" - an aquatic ambience of a calm euphoria

SVVN (seven) is a project by Nashville, Tennessee’s Jermiah Dunlap, whose visual, cinematic music is inspired by various landscapes from every corner of the globe, to bring you the sound of the deep sea in “Remnants of Land”. 

“Remnants of Land” is an appearingly simple track that reveals its copious intricacies to those who will listen. It holds a slow, deep sea submarine-ride-type ambiance and an encompassing, omniscient vibe in its deeper layers. Each note is slow and deliberate, gentle and soft to the release, with an echo, like ripples from a droplet of water with bounce-like characteristics. Steady and calming, the hollowing echoes and ringing of the notes give this song an impressive presence that mimics the vast unknown and open ocean waters and the glistening sunlight that shimmers through the rolling tide. Beautifully at the height of the track, its rhythm carries the heartbeat of the piece. Subconsciously and effortlessly, this track will have you letting go of tensions and stress. Creating a truly expansive soundscape that maintains simplicity and calmness, you may often find your own escape in "Remnants of Land".

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