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SVVN "In Waves": rich meets humble on a voyage across ambient oceans

SVVN is an American ambient/neoclassical producer who seems to really understand the novelty of the genre all the while managing to appeal to a larger audience with his appreciation for musicality and universal beauty.

His recent release "In Waves" is a monumental musical endeavor in the genre, making the best of what's at hand and then amplifying it with confident intent, originality and expensive production. Immersive and elaborate "In Waves" takes you through a number of ambient chapters, all thickly threaded with the most elegant, glowing red thread that screams class. Its eclectic instrumental arrangement along with its rich dynamic element are not only relieving, but very much blissful too - the purity of the composer's spirit present in every bar.

Delightful, rich and humble all at once. Here's "In Waves":


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