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Sveinung Fjermestad ''Hottavikhagen'' - a piano piece that's joyful and humble

Instrumental piano music has a tendency to be melancholic and even sad, but there's an exception to every rule, isn't there? Sveinung Fjermestad's ''Hottavikhagen'' is an uplifting piece of piano music which - although true to the natural confusion that comes with being alive - sees the light in all.

This folky musical endeavor is presented all at once with the pianist entering the piece from a deep breath, taking the listener on a journey along a familiar, cherished scenery. It is as if the melody was trying to point at things around with excitement and appreciation, almost childlike, yet wise at heart and thus fully aware of how temporary things are. It is that awareness that is both blissful, as it is burdensome sometimes, and it is because of that awareness that the composer learned to appreciate the moment, which is now presented to us in it's full glory and all it's detailed beauty through this piano piece.

Joyful and humble, we can't wait to hear more from this Norwegian talent and invite you to listen to ''Hottavikhagen'' at the link below:


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