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Suntapes "Final": ambient equals sexy

Is ambient sexy? The answer to that depends much on who you ask, but some artists seem to have made their mission to convince the public of the sex-appeal of the genre. Suntapes, a Blegian ambient/neoclassical, artist - whether by intent or not - has produced something that will touch you where it tingles.

"Final" is an ambient, modular synth driven piece taking the best from both ambient and neoclassical genres and combining them into a highly immersive and yes - sexy and cinematic sonic experience. Each sound tended to with immense attention to detail and all of them produced at the highest level, the composition immerses you in it´s mystical intent, evoking a wide array of emotions and to me personally - goosebumps too. Worthy every second of it's five minute and some runtime, the composer indulges the listener in beautiful detail all across the spectrum, making the entirety of experience captivating and memorable.

Treat yourself to some tingles:


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