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Sukhendra ''Sydney Rain'' - groovy far-east influenced jazz

Sukhendra is a project form Australia blending far-east grooves with a jazzy sound of an electric guitar. The most recent release is entitled ''Sydney Rain'' and is exactly the kind of delicious eclectic salad your ear is craving.

Coming in strong on a typical South Asian drone and a drum groove, the scenery is soon joined by a lead guitar, which even though also played around an oriental scale, diverts into western hints and scents, revealing the other influences of the composer. That, and the very tone of the guitar is no short of clean jazzy, which signifies the eclecticism of the idea. The elements sit very well together and bring about glimpses of ''The White Album'' by The Beatles.

Groovy, cool and on point, check out ''Sydney Rain'' along with it's calming music video below:


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