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Styrofoam "Political Song for Theodor W. Adorno to Sing": modular synth gone tripping

While we do have a bit of a preference for denser, shorter compositions, we are also ready to make an exception - that's of course if the exhibit stands. Speaking of exhibits, here's a seven minute long sonic stroll across planet synth, brought to you by Styrofoam (Belgium) and lengthy entitled "Political Song for Theodor W. Adorno to Sing".

This isn't a political blog and never will be, but we don't mind underlying messages - whatever they may be - as long as they are represented in curious musical endeavors. This track, whatever its original inspiration, may at instance appear intrusive but trust me on this - let it in. It is a playful, nonchalant modular synth symphony with undertones that may be described as peaceful, as they are mad. But hey, who says the two can't go along? Here it is:


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