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Stray Harmonix "Mountain of One": A masterful ode to the fabric of the universe.

Stray Harmonix is a new project from UK who's recently released electronica ambient "Mountain of One" we are delighted to present to you today.

Beginning with a contemplative, hypnotizing bass, the track soon begins to evolve with a synth melody and distant, mesmerizing percussion elements. Unrushed and invoking, the track captures a meditative moment only allowing the mind to wander off a step or two into the waking paradigm, all the while always keeping the the listener secured in its transcendental core. The track composed by Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns, formerly of Sabres of Paradise (Warp) is also a tribute to their band mate Andrew Weatherall who passed away early this year.

While we hope that Mr. Weatherhall's spirit was received well back into the fabric of the universe, we invite you to listen to this finely produced piece of electronica:


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