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Steve Luck "The Haven": Pure piano bliss.

Steve Luck returns to our blog with a madly soothing, air-light, melancholia-infused piano composition entitled "The Haven".

With every bit of emotion right on the sleeves, the piece is a blunt honest serenade to something very cherished, whatever that may be. Written around a mighty fine classical core, the music doesn't just evoke emotions with its intent, it caresses the ear with its elegant melody and a charming close-mic recording putting the listener right next to the instrument. Just listen to how beautifully those phrases are written - the pianist let's them rest a second, then picks them up again, signifying the persistent heart with which this piece was written. Wonderfully elaborate, the piece ends on the most satisfying note making you wanna do one thing and one thing only - hear it all again.

Holy moly is this a charmer, let "The Haven" in:


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