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Steve Luck "Home (Felted Piano Version)": A soothing piano.

Composer, pianist and producer Steve Luck presents his composition "Home (Felted Piano Version)".

Steve Luck is an award-winning composer and has developed his work as a solo artist in the genre of contemporary classical. He is an accomplished composer for film and media. He writes beautiful, compelling music in his studio in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. From simple soulful piano solos to large-scale orchestral masterpieces. His music can be heard in over 75 professional projects including feature films, documentaries, short films and animations, from glitchy electronica to uplifting folk instrumental compositions. He regularly collaborates with various music libraries. In 2007 he received two awards from the Royal Television Society for professional excellence in music, is a member of the Musicians' Union Music Writers' Committee and a founding member of the Northern Guild of Media Composers.

The two-minute composition "Home (Felted Piano Version)" - A gentle, contemplative piano piece designed for rest, relaxation and a sense of peace. The author demonstrates not only a high level of compositional skill, but also excellent skills on the instrument. It will beautifully enhance your rest time and relax you.

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