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Steve Luck "Bloom": Experience happiness and harmony

Steve Luck is a composer, pianist and producer living in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

I was struck by the composition "Bloom" and its sound. It is a real musical revelation. Maybe it's just my imagination, but I could hear the author's breath on the recording.

In my mind I imagined the author playing the piano with his whole body, putting himself into every key of the instrument. The composition carries a lot of light and rays of goodness that can't help but bribe the listener.

We also love it when the composer clearly divides the composition into an introduction, a climax and an ending, and that's what makes "Bloom" interesting and understandable to the listener. It's like the plot of a movie that you want to see through to the end.

If you need energy and positivity to feel harmony and peace inside yourself, this song is exactly what you need!

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