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Steve Barakatt ”Angel over me”: A Cute, Pure, and Heartfelt little piece of Piano Music.

Canadian pianist/composer Steve Barakatt is an artist we have just recently discovered, and long story short – we’re glad we have. Looking into this guys catalogue, it’s obvious that he has been maintaining a certain level of quality and creativity in his compositions throughout the years, and it feels fair to say that this creativeness is also apparent in the single i'll be writing about today. I give to you “Angel over me”, a Cute, Pure, and Heartfelt little piece of piano music.

Well-played and beautifully composed are some of the first words to come to mind when listening to this three-and-a-half minute long solo-piano piece. And from the first note, it’s already crystal-clear what the composer is going for with this song. The compositions are lined up with elegance, and ends up creating a really natural, rich, and almost life-accepting tone around the song. On top of that, the composer proves a really sharp and consistent level of musicianship on this thing, and that ends up intensifying the tone a whole lot. So, what can I say? This song is a true beauty, and I’d recommend it to anyone who appreciates positive and thoughtful vibes, and some undeniably well-crafted piano compositions.


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