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Stefan Vereen "Remember Gualala": Piano tenderness.

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Stefan Vereen was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1995. He is a pianist and songwriter. First introduced to the piano at the age of three, Stephan experimented with folk music, blues, hip-hop and jazz. We present his new creation "Remember Gualala".

"Remember Gualala" is the track in the middle of "The Vista Recording" album. It's the 5th track and the whole album consists of 9 original piano compositions. Melancholic in nature but with recurring elements of uplift, the piece shimmers and glows with a composition that is rich and simple in equal parts. Moving beautifully into a minor key, the piece evokes feelings of anticipation and longing as well as arrival and satisfaction - depending on where you find yourself in the song. The composition lasts four and a half minutes, which is enough time for you to dive headlong into this whirlwind of piano keys. "Remember Gualala" is a very harmonious addition to your playlist.

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