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Sonophonix "Crazy In Love": a top-shelf neoclassical cover of Beyonce's megahit

Sonophonix is a duo from USA who have come to our attention with their intricate, neoclassical rendition of a well renowned banger "Crazy In Love" by Queen B.

Quite frankly, it took me some time to realize this was even a cover. Intrigued by the familiarity of the melody, but captivated by the emotional performance of piano and cello working together in an enchanting manner - for a second I felt like a kid on Christmas unwrapping a present. Finally, once I got through the finely folded packing paper, I was presented with a gift that maybe I did not quite anticipate, but was more than happy to receive. The two musicians work together in a beautiful, almost symbiotic manner, making great use of dynamics all along, as well as exhibiting great musicianship by making the song sound like their own.

Enjoy this rich audiovisual experience up above, if you scrolled past it.


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