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Songlark "First Bird": charming just got a new captain

Songlark is a Swedish artist who charmed us inside out with the most mesmerizing, picturesque and bright neoclassical composition entitled "First Bird".

Gracefully taking off on a gentle, anticipating piano, the music seems to serenade the first rays of sunshine along with all the life it awakens. Carefully, the piece continues to pamper everything around it, in peace with the natural rhythm of things and aware the nature's ways can be as loving, as they can be brutal sometimes. Then, without a worry at heart, the composer sends off the first bird at flight, its wings supported by the most crisp cello section. Off the ground and unafraid of any arrows that the first birds are known to catch, the musical entity is now free of any agenda and as alive and liberated as it can be, elegantly gliding towards its blissful end.

Can music get any more charming? And if it can, would I even be able to handle it? Here's "First Bird":


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