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Solomon Grey "Sequence" (360 Mix): Ambiopera.

Solomon Grey is an ambient/electronica outfit from UK, who have recently released a full-on immersive, brain-tingling, mind-dazzling audio-visual experience entitled "Sequence".

The undertaking reeks of quality and musical prowess right from the get-go, each sound meticulously tweaked to perfection, compromise-free and intent-driven. Consisting of multiple a number of themes/movements, the artists take the listener on a wonderous journey across a sonic universe of their own, rooting deeply in electronica, but too fine to not have a category of its own, which we hereby invent specifically for them - Ambiopera. As if the 360 mix along with all its sonic richness wasn't enough, the artists went an extra dozen miles to produce a complimentary visual experience, one which most certainly deserves a praise of its own for its elegance, accuracy and artistic depth.

I know 27 minutes sounds like a long time, but trust me - it's worth it. Get your fancy headphones on, shut the shades and dive into this mesmerizing ocean of sound aka the ambiopera "Sequence" by Solomon Grey.


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