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Snowdrops ''Ultraviolet'' - an otherworldly orchestral tale

Snowdrops is a French artist who has recently released an immersive neo-symphonic track entitled ''Ultraviolet''.

Leading in gently on high pitched, elongated drones, the composition patiently expands, while a distinctive otherworldly whistle-like element mesmerizes the listener with its peculiar sound. A caressing string section soon begins rolling in, lovingly adding to the already light palette of sounds. Halfway through its duration, the song alters the mood slightly, catching on to a rhythmically phasing synth, while the previously introduced string section dramatizes the soundscape with a lower-end. Alive and well on its way, the music continues to breath larger breaths, eventually fading out on a deep, nerve-wrecking bass drone.

Intense and truly immersive of a sonic experience, check it out:


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