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Slowburner ''Nebula'' - captivating audiovisual art

Slowburner is the most recent project of Élvio Rodrigues, composer and producer from Madeira island, now based in Lisbon, Portugal. In spite of being a player of multiple instruments, since 2015 Élvio has been experimenting with piano, field recordings and ambient soundscapes.

In his recent release ''Nebula'' the artist doesn't only exhibit high-end productions skills, but does it with elegance and appreciation for art and universal beauty. The entire composition is but an ambient wonder with intricate minimalist elements. Featuring mesmerizing synth, an ultra-relaxing shimmering rhythm section and pretty little notes glowing up along the way, the music is bound to set your mind at ease, all the while the richness of production will maintain all of your attention. The music is soothingly combined with a video of a jelly fish in deep water, making the spaces between bars in the song ever more tangible.

Check out this high-end audiovisual art at the link below:


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