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Sleepy Songs x Johan Eckman x Per Gustavsson "Southern": A lulling piano gem

Sleepy Songs is a piano project driven by Johan Eckman from Sweden, who's compositions we have reviewed some time ago and are delighted to welcome another one of his soothing creations on our blog.

Polite, elegant and calming, the piano wanders in on a simple melody supported by a softly played left-hand accompaniment - the entirety of the endeavor soaked in a clear intent to calm your mind. Undemanding and pleasant, the piece continues to seep into your mind, setting the harshest of the inner storms to settle. Elaborating further, the pianist allows the melody to fall deeper into the minor key, then brings it back again to it's brighter colors - all of it effortless and simply delightful.

As a blog, we wish to be remembered (among other things) for coining the term 'lullaby banger'. Here's one of them:


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