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Sleep Surgeon ''Rain'' - neoclassical with wings

Sleep Surgeon is a UK-based artist who is today releasing a thrilling piece of neoclassical music entitled ''Rain''. Despite a fairly common song title in the given genre, the composition is no short of original and moving.

Barging in on a captivating drone, a second later the music rapidly descends, guiding the listener with piano and a distant single-string background through a gentle fog. Soon, past a short breath, the song takes off on a climax of a strings, literally setting itself at flight, while the piano, loyal to it's theme, reminds us of the safe landing that's to come. Having cut through a swirl of clouds, the music descends once more onto a beautiful landscape, leaving the listener thrilled and peaceful all at once.

You don't have to love neoclassical to love this, enjoy:


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