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Sina Lennox "Daydreaming": A sensual and atmospheric piano.

Sina Lennox, German pianist and composer from Munich, presents her new work entitled "Daydreaming".

"Composing is my way of slowing down in this fast world and finding time to calm down and relax with my emotional music, which lets happiness always shine through".

Art is not only a way to express myself, but also a great psychologist and the best sedative. Through art we can take over the experiences and emotions of another person we don't even know, but can understand and get to know. The composition "Daydreaming" is an excellent proof of how emotions can be transferred to music and convey atmosphere and thoughts through sound vibrations. This artistic composition has an unmatched elegance and sophistication that makes it a true jewel in the world of music. Shades of melancholy, hope, euphoria and humility mingle in perfect order to create a deep emotional response in the heart of those who hear this composition.

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