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Simon Goff "A Process in the Weather of the Heart": Excellence in execution.

Can intense be synonymous with liberating? If you asked me yesterday, I would've have to think thrice, but today I would point you towards the recent release by Simon Goff entitled "A Process in the Weather of the Heart".

Deeply rooted in neoclassical, the arrangement makes uniquely crisp use of strings, which - like vines - grow and tangle, up and away, throughout the entirety of the composition, all to form a wall of natural sonic beauty for the listener to be mesmerized by. The ascending musical tension is wonderfully complimented by a video of a stunning woman, who - much like the music - knows her destination and is running for it with a blissful sense of expectation to every step taken.

Proper neoclassical sound, damn well-executed idea and just simply makes so much sense - bravo.


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