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sijo "Along the Way": Nordic piano fans look here!

Few things move your soul like Nordic piano does and this recent release by a Swedish composer sijo entitled "Along The Way" is a marveling reminder of the elegant, touching beauty common to piano creations coming out of Scandinavia.

Humble and true, the piece swiftly makes its way in to your domain on a soul-stirring chords progression and a melody that recalls, anticipates and cherishes all at once. Revolving masterfully on its neoclassical core the piece ventures effortlessly along its four minutes of runtime, seeping into your soul with its undeniably good intent. Although mostly in a minor key, the composer throws in a few major-key resolutions, which - both surprising and well placed - beautify the already memorable experience with their blissful undertones.

Tag along to this prime piano piece. Here's "Along The Way":


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