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Sidney Chopin "Bushfire Moon (Felted Piano)": Light and pleasant piano sadness.

"I believe that music is a gift from another world, from ancestors of the past who have come together to inspire and give us hope. My desire is to open some more hearts to the power of music and its ability to create change. Now more than ever, we need a connection to the past to find our way into the future." Sidney Chopin

A dreamy piano composition by Australian classically composer Sidney Chopin called "Bushfire Moon (Felted Piano)".

The piano creates a melody that touches the soul and has great professionalism behind it. The melody captures from the first note and stays there for a long time. The slow and smooth tempo of the narration introduces a state of relaxation and allows you to stop the beautiful moment and enjoy the beauty of the piece for three and a half minutes, freeing your head from unnecessary thoughts and simply relaxing.

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