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Shoshana Michel, Oskar Kappland "The Things You Won't See": A monumentally cinematic piano piece

Shoshana Michel is pianist/composer from USA who in collaboration with Oskar Kappland has recently released a captivating, cinematic piano piece entitled "The Things You Won't See".

Taking off elegantly on the most delightful, rubato-infused arpeggio, the composition soon presents its glowing melody, hinting a bit of Yann Tiersen's score for the film classic "Amelie". Gentle and thoughtful, the composition takes its time before dynamically evolving into a waltz-like dance, it's compositional core classical but it's philosophy modern and present in the crisp bars of this piece. Masterfully composed and delivered, this piano endeavor creates a momentum that is driven by hope, understanding and resilience.

Enjoy this absolute stunner of a piano composition along with a soothing and well-produced music video below:


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