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Sharon Lynn Makarenko "What We Have Always Known": The cold breath of neoclassicism.

Sharon Lynn Makarenko is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist musician and composer. She has a classical education, LLCM and ARCT degrees in piano performance and ARCT in pedagogy. She was fortunate to study with Lillian Schmunk, whose teacher was one of Chopin's students.

Neoclassical music, though originating in the late 19th century, is still one of the most respected genres in the world of classical music. The composition "What We Have Always Known" in this genre in particular deserves particular attention. In the sound of the work there are cold tones that make it unique and enchanting. The author's masterly of the piano, his precise keeping of one mood while preserving all the delicacy of the composition. Each note, each chord, each phrase is constructed with such precision and elegance that the listener cannot tear himself away from the composition, and to understand the author's thoughts, one needs to listen to "What We Have Always Known" more than once.

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