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SHANNY ”Falling Star”: Atmospheric Indie-folk at its most gorgeous and SHINY

As some readers might have noticed, we rarely feature songs with vocals on this blog. This is not because we don’t enjoy listening to vocals, but rather because the genres we’d like to focus on, rarely feature them. This is, however, not the case for the song we have decided share with you today, dear readers. This is a song by New York based multidisciplinary artist Shanny which is called “Falling Star”.

The song is essentially a piece of atmospheric indie-folk, and a very good and tasteful one of those. It has a beautiful, solemn tone to it, as it quickly direct the listeners thoughts towards ancient, natural cultures and a “bigger than life” sort of mindset. Looking into the soundscape of this thing, you’ll find everything from warm, intense horn leads and tender Spanish guitar melodies, to natural sounds that are thrown into the mix in an incredibly authentic way. As topping to the “Soundcake” SHANNY’s legato-styled vocals appears now and then for the entirety of the song and brings an amazing strength and dreaminess to the table. All in all, everything is tastefully written, mixed and mastered, and if there is one thing to be certain of, it is that SHANNY is an artist worth keeping an eye on in the future. I’m personally very excited to hear what she does next.


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