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Sergio Díaz De Rojas "Delphinium Dance": Tapestry of emotions.

Sergio Diaz de Rojas is a Peruvian pianist and composer currently living in Valencia, Spain, music has been in his blood since birth. Growing up in a family of musicians, he drew inspiration from his grandfather and his grandfather's sister, who were both pianists and composers.

A composition from "Suite Botanique" mini-album entitled "Delphinium Dance".

From the very first note, the listener is mesmerised by the gentle touch of the pianist's fingers, encouraging the keys to spill out a tapestry of emotion. "Delphinium Dance", embellished with the refined elegance of neoclassical style, seamlessly weaves together elements of past and present, creating a musical journey that transcends time itself. The composition gives a wide flight of fancy and allows you to relax to the fullest. Put your thoughts and worries away and relax for these two minutes and fifty-eight seconds.

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