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Selsom x Walker Combe ‘’Jøkul’‘ - a dreamy neoclassical collab

Collaborations are great and we love to see artists coming together to seek out commonality in ideas. Selsom from Norway and Walker Combe from UK, hit the colab spot just right in their recent release ‘’Jøkul’’.

Written for piano and strings, the music is cinematic from the very start. A simple piano riff embracing the dynamics as well as the elasticity of the tempo invites intertwining string sections, which then together continue their journey across an effortless neoclassical landscape. Easy on both ear and the soul, the music is extremely soothing regardless of how your day has been going. Both piano and strings are played with lots of emotion, embracing each note as if it was the only note to ever exist.

A big round of applause for this collaboration and please more of that! Enjoy at the link below:


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