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Selsom ''Føyr'' - Nordic neoclassical at its most charming

Selsom, a Norwegian neoclassical composer who has once before been featured on our blog, returns with another wonderful, intimate piano-lead arrangement entitled ''Føyr''.

Taking off on a glimmering piano melody recorded with super-close-mics, it is almost as if the instrument was right next the listener, audible, visible and tangible. Uplifting in its undertones, the composer soon invites a string and a horn section, giving the music a slightly more folk sound, while also turning up on the cinematic qualities of this musical endeavor. Only a few seconds short of three minutes long, ''Føyr'' gives you its best in a dense and down-to-the-point manner, leaving you craving to hear the song over again.

Long live Nordic neoclassical and artists like Selsom:


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