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Sean Patton "Sitting and Forgetting": where pain is a fleeting memory

Canadian musician and songwriter, Sean Patton has written a set of compositions in hopes of bringing his mother and himself some form of peace, relief, and reassurance during her chemotherapy sessions while battling breast cancer. Recorded on his mom's piano for authenticity, Patton shares “Sitting and Forgetting”.

With a somber and nostalgic tune, this piano piece trickles into its introduction and serenades any willing ear with a lovingly beautiful song. There is something uplifting and centering about this delicate piece as it balances encouragement with a steady calmness and a strong will. In its sweet demeanor and touching backstory, intertwined with genuine authenticity and raw vulnerability, this solo piano piece will surely capture your heart as it has mine.

Experience the strength of a song written with love:


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