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Santiago Delacruz "Acceptance": Enchanting melancholy.

Santiago Delacruz presents "Acceptance", an incredible cocktail of emotions with a touch of melancholy.

Taking a piano melody written on a solid classical basis, the composer enriches it with strings. A charming and soulful tune, I listened to it about seven times before I started writing about it. The violin and piano work in a beautiful duet where the violin takes the lead and the piano supports the melody, occasionally slipping away to lay beautiful chords. Like a dramatic film, the author leads us by the hand through the plot of the composition "Acceptance". The music is imbued with longing and love, and the dynamics make all this melancholy so appealing. It's no exaggeration to say that the composition is incredibly beautiful and makes you think about something eternal.

"Acceptance" will adorn the prelists of lovers of neoclassical


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