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Samuel Félix ''Lullaby'' - the golden middle between classical and jazz

We do love a young talent as much as the next blog but Samuel Félix spoke to us in a way that few do. Once before featured on our blog, this French youngster has exhibited not only great skills, but also the type of originality that only comes with true, unique character.

''Lullaby'' is a charming piece written for piano, brilliantly combining classical and jazz genres into a youthful, lovable musical snack. Effortlessly moving across it's bright core idea, the pianist beautifies each bar with a treat - be it a melodic elaboration, or a swift delay. Played with immense amounts of appreciation for music and the instrument, this piano piece feels as natural as music can get - it is a living part of the composer and he is now giving it to us.

If there's a golden middle between classical an jazz - this is it. Lull away to ''Lullaby'':


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