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Samn Johnson x Sasha Kaoru Zamler-Carhart "Huc Omnes Pariter (Calm)": A phantom messiah.

This week has been a kind of experimental bonanza and frankly I am enjoying it very much. If you've been around for any significant amount of time you will know that vocals are normally a spook to us and we still really do prefer instrumentals. However, what I heard on this recently released track by Samn Johnson x Sasha Kaoru Zamler-Carhart entitled "Huc Omnes Pariter (Calm)" had me throw all my religion straight out of the window.

Right from the start it becomes evident that we are in for a special treat - the Latin sung lyrics combined with a healthy amount of autotune already there blew some of my mind out. The piece then continues to evolve and adopt new elements, while maintaining the vocal at the forefront. Melodically scaling somewhere between arabic, gregorian and pop scales, the vocals present themselves like some phantom or messiah with a message understood by few, but received by all.

This is art at its best, dear readers, knock yourself out:



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