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Salar Niknafs ''Mindflower'' - the last mile awlays feels the longest

Salar Niknafs (PhD) is an Iranian composer, musician and visual artist based in Melbourne Australia. Salar, as we read in his bio, has a fascination for ambient, drone and post-minimalism music and in his art he primarily engages with experimental aesthetic forms. His recent release ''Mindflower'' is an emotionally demanding and crisp neoclassical/ambient composition that is bound to grasp your heart and soul.

Making good use of the two genres, the composition relies on both the orchestral arrangement, as well as the drone/synth element, having the two interact in an eerie, mesmerizing way. Dramatic in it's essence, the string section is so dynamically rich, it feels like a breathing organism. Not only is the organism well and alive, but it is also somewhat stranded in it's domain, eager to break out free. It's the last mile that always feels the longest and while ''Mindflower'' feels a bit like that mile, it is also there to remind us that the struggle is soon over and rewards and just around the corner, if we only keep pushing.

Emotionally demanding and equally beautiful, check out ''Mindflower'' at the link below:


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