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Salar Niknafs ''Leave No Trace'' - ambient story-telling at it's best

If you're craving an immersive ambient experience complete with middle-eastern vibes, look no further, Salar Niknafs from Iran made one for you and named it ''Leave No Trace''.

Patient and spacious, the track paints a mystifying and immersive horizon, seeping into your soul with it's mesmerizing elongated drones. Past a number of dunes and towards the dusk, where the hope becomes lesser and the eagerness greater, the artist presents us with an image of an oasis amidst the otherwise deserted surroundings, which is represented in the captivating distant sitar, or a similar instrument. Eerie and honest to the nature of human existence, the track continues to evolve with an expanding ambient soundscape, all the while the melodic element of the string instrument tells an elaborate story of courage, loss and survival.

Ambient story-telling at its best, check it out:


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