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Sacha Hoedemaker ''Meditation'' - a true piano gem

Sacha Hoedemaker is a Dutch pianist/composer who has won our hearts with his gem of a composition entitled ''Meditation''.

Gently leading in on simple, almost child-like piano, the composition soon unfolds itself with the most beautiful melody played a top of the slow, calming left-hand arpeggio. It is almost as if the composer wanted us to see how he got the idea for the melody, giving us a rare glimpse into the writing process. Confident in it's intent, the music makes brilliant use of dynamics, not overdoing it on crescendos or diminuendos, but rather gently bending in and and out, like a flower up against a summer breeze. A following melodic elaboration opens up the horizon and picks up the listener with it's waltz-like feel, then returns again to it's tranquil, elegant and ingeniously simple core.

You're going to spin this on repeat, we guarantee:


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