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Saah "Changes": An air-tight piano fairytale.

Saah is an Austrian composer with quite clearly a lot on her heart - something that stands clear to me after listening to her single “Changes” which is an incredibly compassionate, engaging, and most of all magical piece of piano based music.

There is a certain kind of magic surrounding this piece. The cover art for the single shows a quite magnificent tree on the front cover, and I could not have thought of a better way to describe the song visually. It has a set of melodies and chords that have a strange - yet warm - edge of mystery to them, a piano that sounds clean and refined in the mix, and all in all you can really feel yourself getting drawn into something mysterious, magnificent and warm - like a mystical fairytale forest.

Besides that, the composer does not at a single point slow down on the quirky, bold melodic lines, and plays this relatively high paced composition air-tight all the way through.

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