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Rumpistol "Fight or Flight": Where delightful meets intense

Rumpistol is a Danish neoclassical composer/producer who's work we have reviewed, with delight, previously and who is returning once more with another crisp take on the genre with a track called "Fight or Flight".

Starting off with a cinematic piano melody atop a distant ambient array of strings, the music seems to anticipate and tease - an intent which is soon emphasized by staccato strings tip toeing their way in with a good dose of nerve between the strokes. Patient as ever, the composer introduces new layers one at a time and never too soon, all the while beautifully joining and lifting the bars with synth scoops. Even at it's climax, the music insists on its anticipating element. Although by now complete with a synth melody and a swinging violin, it is as if the producer never intended to go past the decision, keeping you in the moment of having to choose between fighting or fleeing.

Delightful, somehow strangely intense and damn well produced. Enjoy:



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