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Rumpistol "Aurolac": a captivating neoclassical round-trip

Rumpistol is a Danish neoclassical/ambient project who explores both of the genres as well as beyond - all of which is richly represented in their recent release "Aurolac".

Taking off on an intense, staccato string movement, the piece immediately reeks of anticipation, all the while promising a rich experience with its additional backing ambient sweeps. Like clock-work, the composition moves forward with its pure intent when suddenly - as if having punched through thick clouds - it spreads its wings upon a peaceful, mesmerizing horizon of legato cellos and violins. Dynamically rich, the music then falls back into its momentum driven domain, gently lifted by what sounds like flutes, making sure this now expansive and complex neoclassical vehicle never crashes to the ground. Illusive and gently weeping, the piece leads the listener out on a string section, making you want to take the trip all over again.

Picturesque, imaginative and peronsal - we love it. Do you? :


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